In today's competitive real estate environment property owners and managers are focused on driving revenues in all aspects of their asset.  Legacy Parking has a proven history of developing and implementing sophisticated programs that lead to significant bottom line improvements with no disruption of the tenant base while protecting the integrity of the operation.  Simple adjustments in operating philosophies and a keen eye for expense reductions and transparent line item charges have led to as much as 30% - 40% improvement in net operating income in the first 12 months of operations.
In addition to superior financial performance Legacy Parking has set the bar insofar as customer service.  Legacy understands we are in business to serve our customers and clients and works tirelessly to accomplish this mission. 


In many situations property owners and managers prefer or are required to operate under "Lease Agreements".  Many times this is dictated through lender requirements, REIT status, or simply to gain a consistent revenue stream month in and month out.  Legacy Parking Company structures all lease agreements to meet the needs and requirements of owners and managers while maintaining the highest risk return ratio possible.


Legacy Parking, through various partnerships engages in the acquisition of parking lots and garages throughout the United States.  From surface parking lots as small as 25 parking spaces to parking structures of 2,000 spaces, no acquisition is too big or too small to consider.

*Quick close/all cash deals for most acquisitions

Logistics and Consulting

Legacy Parking Company provides parking and transportation logistics and consulting services to owners and managers of commercial real estate assets, hospitals and medical centers, hotels, entertainment venues and retail and mixed use developers.  Services offered included but are not limited to:
  • Master Planning
  • Operational Analysis
  • Economic Pro forma Development
  • Demand Utilization Analysis
  • Parking Supply Analysis
  • Shared Parking Analysis
  • Equipment Specification and Procurement
  • Parking Management Analysis
  • Graphics and Signage Development and Integration
  • Market Rate Survey

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